How to Earn money through click and share links through adf.ly

Hello friends, today we will know how we can earn money online and friends, this way is a very simple and very simple method so lets start,
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 Friends, you know that we can shorten any link, or if we go to any website or any website or if someone else goes away, you do not get any money for the sake of going if I Say if you click on any link or visit any website, through the link you will get the money, you will earn money. Yes, friends can earn money by clicking on the link, I am going to tell you in this tutorial.

 Firstly name of that site or the name of that app is adf.ly Friends, you have to go to this website and register it simple or you can download its app too, then the link to this website and the link to this website both in You will be able to get provided below. You can download the app from there and you can also visit that website. You simply have to login to it and you can earn money by shortening any link there. You have to share that link with your friends and friends will have to set up your payment method by setting it in. There are so many payment methods, so you can use any of them, you simply do not have anything to do with it. You just have to shorten the link-

1- Get logged on to the website first and login to the app

2- After logging in to Adf.ly, you have to set the settings in. Tojo has simple settings. You have to update your name profile. You must enter your address.
3- Then you have to set your payment method, it gives you three to four payment methods, out of which you can use paypal, or you can create a simple account on Pioneer or any other given options, Can suck
4- After doing all this, you just need to copy the link of others and bring it to your site and you will get your own link, that link will be shared with all your friends to all the people. If people click on that link you will earn.

Website link :- https://adf.ly
APP link:-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ly.adf.adflypublisher

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