Top 5 most unique smartphones in the world 2018

These are top 5 most unique smartphone in the world of 2018.You will have a lot to see and buy smartphones but hardly you know about the world's most amazing smartphone! These smartphones from different companies are so weird and poor that you can turn them in pockets, even if they can make rolls and capture them in a fist. You can even make a clock and bind them in your wrist. Everything from design to smartphones to features is unique. Let's know about these smartphones ...
The Dras phone
This is the world's most unique smartphone. You can pull it like a spring. This is a foldable smartphone. This smartphone has a modern touch screen. You can fold the phone's screen in 118 degrees. You can fold this smartphone as a sheet.

Lenovo C Plus
By folding this smartphone you can wear it on your wrist. Its screen has increased significantly. This smartphone looks like a remote control. You can also make the smartphone like a clock on your wrist. Users can change the interface of this phone according to their own.

Triple display flip
You can fold this smartphone three times. Fold tax can be made like a tin. Even after folding, this smartphone displays numbers, incoming calls and dates on the screen.

NEC Flip Phones
You can turn this smartphone off and close it in the fist.

Nokia 888
Users can fold Nokia 888 smartphones. This smartphone is diluted 5mm. This smartphone has a system that you can easily turn it around.

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