Your MasterCard data is getting stolen, the game includes these big companies

If you have a MasterCard or a debit card, then you must read this news. The data of customers who hold MasterCard is stolen stealthily. In this, anything that you purchase from the card is being shared with many companies. 
The number of users using User MasterCard is more than 200 crores. But they do not know about it. According to Bloomberg's report, no information about this has been given to the general public as well.  This game has been going on for a year. 

This game is currently running in the US for the last one year. There, Google is doing this with many advertiser companies. It is being seen that many people buy goods from the store when they advertise online. This data is being collected from the transactions from MasterCard. 

Google and MasterCard's partnership

Google and MasterCard have partnered after a four-year long conversation to gather this information. This is where Google is getting information on the retail sales of people. 

Dissolve people's personal information

This collusion of Google, MasterCard, and online advertising companies is getting  people's personal information. This case has just emerged in the US only now. It has not been confirmed whether it is operating in other countries including India or not.  

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