5G iPhone delay until October, iPhone SE Plus pushed to late 2021

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has issued a note stating that the 5G version of the 2020 iPhone has been delayed, as has been the iPhone SE Plus. Rumours around the iPhone SE Plus have started gathering steam only recently, but it was Kuo who had predicted the launch of the phone back in September 2019. Now, his forecast isn’t that great.
Kuo has stated in his note to investors that the 5G iPhone will be delayed to October 2020, mostly due to the cascading effect of the COVID-19 outbreak. According to Cult of Mac who saw the research note first hand, Kuo says that Apple is one month late in starting the Engineering Verification Test for all the upcoming iPhone models.

“The mmWave iPhone will be pushed back because the design of the antenna in package (AiP) changes in early April. Additionally, the test lab is closed and can’t offer qualification process services,” notes Kuo. However, this does not mean that all iPhone models slated for launch this year are delayed. The note goes on to say that the 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch models of the iPhone will most likely go into mass production in September, keeping them on track for the usual September launch. Kuo had earlier predicted that all 2020 iPhone models would have 5G.
What has probably taken the biggest hit is the rumoured iPhone SE Plus. This alleged device is supposed to come with no home button and no faceID, with the fingerprint sensor built into the power button instead. Originally predicted to launch in the first half of 2020 by Kuo back in December 2019, Kuo’s research note now simply states “We think that Apple will likely postpone the new model from 1H21 to 2H21.” Apple, however, did launch the iPhone SE earlier this month globally.
Unlike with the 5G variant of the iPhone, Kuo does not give a reason why the iPhone SE Plus is being pushed to 2021, or rather, why he believes the phone is being pushed to 2021.

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