Corona virus: 23 lakh youth gave corona prevention tips

Bhopal-The initiative of Governor Lal ji Tandon to create public awareness towards corona through youth power has spread widely in the state.  Email, WhatsApp and SMS by students during complete lock down  Through the remote areas, communities and individuals of the state, a large part of the population of the state has been sent to convey information about the measures to be taken from the corona.

Sent the information for rescue from Corona
Government universities in the state have sent 1 crore 34 lakh 57 thousand 672 informational messages to students and farmers.  During the lock-down period, 21 universities of the state sent 23 lakh 16 thousand 179 students to the Corona through e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, 70 lakh 52 thousand 761 messages.

 Messages sent to farmers
In this, 64 lakh 96 thousand 663 messages were sent by SMS and WhatsApp and 5 lakh 56 thousand 098 e-mails sent information of public awareness towards Corona.  Along with this, 5 universities including Agriculture, Veterinary University sent more than 64 lakh messages to farmers.

 Informed and educated
The Governor's secretary Manohar Dubey said that a large population was informed and educated about the corona through the transmission of messages through the students to their families and their contact families.

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