Do You Know About Juice Jacking???

Do You Know About Juice Hacking???

Well, these terms are new to you, isn't it??? But they are familiar with the hackers.
This is a type of cyber hacking which involves the date stealing from your gadgets. Yes! It happens whenever your charge your mobiles and PC's in public charging points.

Be it trains, metro stations, bus stops or libraries, now common charging points are being installed to make the people free of charging hassles. But here comes the problem. These so called 'Charging Stations' are the common places of hacking.

Many of them generally carry their USB ports with them in order to charge their gadgets.
But when we insert them in the charging points, the 'Juice Hackers' will steal the data from the mobiles. Be it banking details, personal information or photos, everything from your mobile will be stolen. This technique is called 'Juice Jacking'.

This makes your mobile fall into hacker's hands virtually making it stop acting to your actions. From unwanted apps to screen savers, everything will be changed in your mobile making it a hacker's one virtually.
Thus it is better not to use public charging points. We Hans India also listed down a few safety measures which help you stay away from Juice Jacking. Have a look!
• In case if you want to charge your gadgets urgently, then it is better to switch off them before inserting the charging pin.
• Make a habit to carry power banks as they help you to charge mobiles.
• Off your data transfer option before inserting the charging pins.
• Strictly don't open the banking websites and personal data while charging your mobiles.
• Finally, avoid the charging stations which ask you to charge with USB cables itself.
Well, hope these tips give you clarity on Juice Jacking. Be careful and stay away from hackers and cyberbullying!!!

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