Huawei Announces HiCharger DC Fast Charging For Smart Cars

Huawei has been expanding its product portfolio apart from smartphones. Huawei now has smart TVs and other telecommunication gadgets. Adding to the list, the Chinese company recently announced the launch of the new Huawei HiCharger DC, a fast-charging module. The new electric charger will be launched on April 24.

Huawei HiCharger DC Launch
The new Huawei HiCharger DC will be used as an energy charging infrastructure in a partnership with various electric departments in China.

The launch of the HiCharger DC will place Huawei into the charging solutions industry. Huawei's energy product lineup will now cover four areas namely the data center energy, communications energy, smart photovoltaic, and smart electric.

Out of these divisions, the Huawei smart electric area is dedicated to creating high-quality high-standard automotive electrification solutions. It also provides components like charging and power supply, battery management, electronic controls, and so on.

Organizations like the Grid (Beijing) and Xingxing Charging (Changzhou), Nanwang Electric (Shenzhen), China Merchants Sanyou (Beijing), Zhuhai Titan (Zhuhai) and Dalian Robinson (Dalian), and others have teamed up with Huawei for the new charging solution, reports Chinese blog site MyDrivers.

What It Means For Huawei
Huawei is continuing to expand its portfolio to include various solutions like 5G, charging solutions, and so on - despite the trade war and the COVID-19 crisis. Moreover, the upcoming HiCharger DC fast charging module could land Huawei as one of the primary suppliers of smart car charging solutions, at least in its home country China, a few years from now.

Apart from the Huawei HiCharger DC, Huawei has also announced a smart interactive system for cars called the HiCar. The feature is packed into the company's EMUI mobile software is already available in a couple of premium smartphones including the Huawei Mate 30 series.
source: gizbot.com

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