Next Week's Free Game At The Epic Games Store Revealed

Next Week's Free Game At The Epic Games Store Revealed

Next week's Epic Games Store freebie has turn-based combat with a tabletop bent and roguelike progression.

The Epic Games Store free games program has always been great, but it's especially cool to have while we're spending more time at home. This week's pair of freebies, Just Cause 4 and Wheels of Aurelia, are available to claim right now. Epic also revealed next week's free game: For The King. Yes, there's only one freebie next week--though Epic has made a habit out of adding a surprise free game at the last minute as of late. For The King will be available to claim starting April 23 at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET.

After the king of Fahrul is inexplicably murdered by an unknown perpetrator, the world descends into chaos. The newly widowed queen asks citizens to help bring peace back to Fahrul. You form a party of three--solo or co-op either online and locally--and set off on your adventure across a procedurally generated world. Those who play co-op can choose to travel together or risk it and head off alone to speed up progress.
A mash-up of genres, For The King has fast-paced turn-based battles like you'd see in a JRPG, but these battles are largely dictated by a 100-side die. Rolling die to battle gives For The King a distinct tabletop feel. Adding to that identity is the roguelike progression--no two runs are exactly the same since the world and enemies are randomized. Fahrul is broken up into a hex map that you view from a top-down perspective, which gives For The King a tactics vibe, too.
If you've never claimed a free game from Epic before, all you need to do is register for a free account. After claiming games, you get to keep them in your digital library forever. Don't forget to snag this week's freebies before For The King takes their place next week.

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