Pokemon Go 0.173.0 update – Go Plus support broken & Galaxy S20 crashing issue fix coming soon

Niantic recently rolled out a new update 0.173.0 for Pokemon Go. The latest patch has brought back keyboard edits to the game. Also, players can now mass transfer costume Pokemon. Apart from these features, it has also brought many other quality of life improvements.
However, the update is not working well with Pokemon Go Plus & it is also broken for Samsung Galaxy S20 owners. Since the patch 0.171.0, S20 devices are throwing crashing & freezing problems to players.
Pokemon Go
Well, there is good news for Samsung Galaxy S20 owners, as Niantic has officially addressed this issue on their blog & their team is currently looking to resolve the problem. You can read the official statement from the image below.
Pokemon Go update 0.173.0
Apart from this, Pokemon Go update 0.173.0 is not connecting with Go Plus. This issue has been raised by several trainers on the “TheSilphroad” forum. Have a look at a few complaints down below which confirms the same.
Pokemon Go update 0.173.0

Well, one concerned trainer tried to connect with Niantic Support regarding this issue & received a positive response. Niantic Support has confirmed that they have been able to reproduce it & a fix for the same will be available soon. Have a look at the conversation down below.
Pokemon Go update
We certainly hope developers will quickly fix both these problems. Rest assured, we are keeping a close tab on all the developments & whenever both of these issues will get resolve, we will update the column.
Pokemon Go Incense Day
For a quick refresher, Niantic has announced another exciting ‘Buddy Up’ event for Pokemon Go players. Buddy Up event will take place from April 21, 2020, at 8 am to April 27, 2020, at 10 am in your local time zone. It also features special bonuses & rewards.

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