This smart ring warns 24 hours before the symptoms of Coronavirus appear

This smart ring warns 24 hours before the symptoms of Coronavirus appear
Coronavirus infection cases have also crossed the 10,000 marks in India, in view of which the government has decided to extend the lockdown till 3 May. There is no cure for corona yet, but corona infection can definitely be prevented through social distancing.

If a person is infected with corona, it takes only five days to show symptoms, by then the infection has spread to many people. In such a situation, scientists from all over the world are working day today to find out about the infection of the corona. Meanwhile, a team of scientists and doctors have created a smart ring that can give information about coronavirus infection even before symptoms appear.
Giving information about this smart ring, doctor Ali Rajai told a website named Futurism that doctors, police and health workers are at the highest risk of getting infected with Corona. Sometimes they are not even aware of the infection. In this case, this smart ring will be very helpful for them. Dr. Ali Rejai further explained that after wearing this special smart ring one has to connect to a mobile app.
After this, a game has to be played on the app every morning for five minutes in which questions are asked about the corona. Let us know that Dr. Ali Rejai is a neurosurgeon at West Virginia University of Medicine and head of the WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute.
He has partnered with Oura Health, a company making wearable products for this smart ring. This smart ring continuously monitors and records data on people's body temperature, activity sleep pattern and heart rate.
AI, Artificial Intelligence, has been supported in this smart ring. The AI ​​present in the ring has been trended with data from thousands of users. It also integrates data of people who were infected with the coronavirus.
Doctor Ali's team is currently testing about one thousand doctors, nurses and health workers working in the hospital. The name of this smart ring is named Oura ring. Doctor Ali Rejai says that this smart ring can give information about the infection in a human being 24 hours before the symptoms of corona are seen.
One user who uses Aura Ring has shared his experience on Facebook. Users claim that his ring warned him that he was going to get sick soon. After this, the user got a coronavirus test and the result came positive.
In such a situation, he came to know about Corona even before the symptoms appeared, due to which his recovery was quick. Dr. Ali further said that until the coronavirus vaccine is made, we have to find a way to prevent it and prevent infection.

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