Xiaomi will Launch Redmi Pad 5G Next To MI 10 Lite On April 2020

Xiaomi Redmi Pad 5G Key Points:
1- Xiaomi will Launch Redmi Pad 5G in April 2020.
2- Redmi Pad 5G Specification Also Leaked And SD765G Chip Used In Redmi Pad 5G by Xiaomi
3-Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite Youth Edition and MIUI 12 set to be come out in April 2020.
4- 48 MP Camara And 30w fast charging and also much more you get in Redmi Pad 5G.

Description For Xiaomi Redmi Pad 5G:
Xiaomi Will Launch Redmi Pad 5G on 27 April in China. Redmi Pad 5G Launch Next to Xiaomi MI 10 Liye Youth Edition. After Lockdown Redmi Pad 5G Wll Launch in India. 

             Leaked Poster Of Redmi Pad 5G

All Information Related To Redmi Pad 5G:
Xiaomi redmi pad 5G will announce next to xiaomi mi 10 light youth edition launch in China on 27 April 2020.
There is an ultra-linear four-speaker array on the Redmi Pad and it comes with a 48MP primary camera. The device runs on MIUI 12 for Pad out-of-the-box which is why it’s highly likely to show-up alongside the Mi 10 Lite on April 27 as the company is unveiling its next update to MIUI as well.

As for the Mi 10 Lite, it’s expected to be a slightly tweaked version of the Mi 10 Lite 5G that launched globally last month. The phone is expected to feature a new periscope camera and Xiaomi will also take wraps-off of its new MIUI 12 update which makes the moment more opportune for it to introduce the Redmi Pad 5G alongside.

The company recently revealed that it’s going to announce Mi 10 Lite Youth Edition for the Chinese market with up to 50x zoom and MIUI 12 out-of-the-box. Now, a posted of the Redmi Pad 5G has popped-up on the internet giving us our first look at the upcoming tablet by Xiaomi.

Redmi Pad 5G Price:
The poster suggests a starting price of CNY1,999 which roughly translates to 21,000 INR ($282). However, at present, it's unknown whether the device will make it to the Indian market.

REDMI PAD 5G Launch In India:
Xiaomi Mi 10 is also expected to launch in India sometime after the nation-wide lockdown ends. Earlier, the company was slated to announce the Mi 10 on March 31 in India but due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the launches have all been delayed to a later date. Moreover, the Indian government doesn’t categorize mobile phones and consumer electronics goods as essential items and hence e-commerce companies are prohibited to deliver non-essential goods to consumers.

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