Yahoo released a list of people searching on the internet

Yahoo India has released a list of the most searched keywords and trends on its platform.  This shows what people are searching on the internet within the last one month.

Yahoo released a list of people searching on the internet during lockdown
Yahoo released a list of people searching on the internet during lockdown

NEW DELHI: Internet usage has increased rapidly during the Corona lockdown.  People are finding things ranging from information about the Korana virus to entertainment on the Internet.  In such a situation, Yahoo India has released a list that within the last one month, what are people searching on the Internet.  Yahoo has prepared this list based on the keywords searched and read information on its platform.

What did people search for in lockdown?
During the lockdown, people searched the most information related to the Nobel Corona virus on the Internet.  The top 5 keywords associated with Kovid-19 included Covid-19 updates, Symptoms of Covid-19, Covid-19 treatment, Covid-19 death toll and Live Covid-19 tracker.  Other top search keywords associated with corona virus are Lockdown in India, Vaccine for coronavirus, Social distancing and Hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus.

A large number of people are doing work from home during the lockdown.  In such a situation, users have to do video conferencing from home.  For this reason, video calling softwares were also searched extensively.  Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams and GoToMeeting have been in the search for top-5 software.  Apart from this, users have also searched video streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, Voot and Zee 5.
 Yahoo said that users want to gather as much information as possible about the corona virus.  In such a situation, they are searching a lot of questions on the Internet.  The most searched question is - what is Covid-19?  Apart from this, these questions have also been thoroughly searched:

 - How long does the corona virus stay on the        surface?
 - How to make a mask at home?
 - Is there a coronavirus vaccine?
 - Is there a cure for coronavirus?

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