How To 8 people on Whatsapp Video Call Step By Step

Earlier on WhatsApp, only a maximum of 4 people could talk on the calling.  Now the company has increased this limit to 8 members.Learn here how to make group calls to 8 people on Whatsapp Step By Step.
Now, on WhatsApp, the facility of group calling for 8 people has come together.  8 people can now talk together on WhatsApp on voice or video call.  The company first released this feature for iPhone users.  It will also be released soon for Android users.

To use this feature, it is necessary that iPhone users have an updated version of WhatsApp.  If your WhatsApp version is old, then go to the App Store and download the latest version.  Earlier, only a maximum of 4 people could talk on the calling.

How to video call 8 people

Making video calls to 8 people simultaneously means you can add 7 more people besides yourself.  Currently, this feature is delayed for Android, although we are going to tell you the way.  For example, we will video call only 4 people.  However, the approach will remain the same for 8 people.

Steps To add 8 people on video call

1-First open WhatsApp.
2- Now go to the Calls section next to Chats and Status.
3-Now tap on the + icon at the bottom.  This will open the list of contacts.
4-From here, make a call through the voice or video call icon on the right side of a contact.
5-When it receives the contact call, tap on the + sign above.
6-The list of contacts will be opened again.  Select another contact from here.
7-Now go on adding other contacts one by one in the same way.

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