Lockdown 3.0: Extended lockdown for two weeks, rail, metro and airlines to remain closed till May 17

The Ministry of Home Affairs issued an order under the Disaster Management Act 2005 to extend the lockdown period of two weeks beyond May 4.

The lockdown in the country has been extended for two weeks to prevent the spread of the corona virus epidemic.  This information has been given by the Ministry of Home Affairs.  The lockdown will now remain in effect until 17 May.  Inter-state traffic by air, rail, metro, road will be closed during lockdown.  Also, schools and colleges will also remain closed.

 Educational, training, coaching institutes and respect services including hotels and restaurants will remain closed during this period.  Cinema halls, malls, gyms, political, cultural gathering venues, venue of major celebrations will remain closed.  During this time religious places and places of worship will remain closed.  During lockdown, movement of persons for all non-essential activities will be strictly prohibited between 7 am and 7 pm.  However, the exemption granted by the Ministry of Home Affairs in the Green Zone will continue.

 Actually, Lockdown 2 was scheduled to end on May 3.  Already, the Modi government has decided to extend the lockdown by two weeks.  Now this lockdown 3 will continue from May 4 to May 17.  During this period, the Ministry of Home Affairs has also issued advisory for ongoing activities.

According to the Ministry of Health, there are 130 districts under Red Zone, 284 Districts under Orange Zone and 319 Districts under Green Zone in the country.  It will be assessed every week and the zone will change according to the infected cases.

 What will be the discounts in green zones

The country is being divided into Red, Orange and Green zones.  All major economic activities in the Green Zone have been exempted.  According to the latest order of the Home Ministry, buses will be able to run in green zones, but the capacity of the buses will not exceed 50 percent.  Similarly, more than 50 percent of the employees will not work in the bus depot.  Institutes that provide essential services and goods, including barber shops, salons, will also open in the districts of the Green Zone of the country from May 4.  Cinema hall, mall, gym, sports complex etc. will remain closed.

Cab Permitted in Orange Zone
 There will not be an exemption for operating buses in the Orange Zone, but cabs will be allowed.  The cab may have the same passenger with the driver.  Industrial zones will start in the Orange Zone and complexes will also open.  Barber shops, salons etc. will remain closed in the Red Zone.  Detailed information about this will be given by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

 129 districts in the country in the Red Zone, Delhi and Ahmedabad in the Red Zone

There are 130 districts in the country in Red Zones i.e. there are hotspots of Corona virus.  The entire Delhi is in the Red Zone.  Large industrial centers like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat are also in Red Jones, where no concession will be available.

 319 districts in the country in the Green Zone

 There are a total of 739 districts in the country, out of which 307 are still untouched by corona i.e. more than 40 percent.  These 319 districts are Green Jones.  After May 3, in these districts factories, shops, small industries including transport and other services have also been allowed to open fully with conditions.  Significantly, the districts where there is not a single case of corona virus infection for the last 21 days are declared as green zones.  Earlier this period was 28 days, which was reduced to 21 days by the Union Health Ministry.

PM gave hints at the meeting of Chief Ministers
In fact, in the video conference held on Monday with the Chief Ministers of PM Narendra Modi, most of the Chief Ministers had demanded to increase the lockdown.  During this time, PM Modi had highlighted the importance of strictly implementing guidelines for states in hotspots i.e. red zone areas.  He said that states should be directed to change the red zone to orange and then to green zones.

The government has allowed movement of stranded students, migrant workers, tourists, pilgrims etc. by special trains.  Under this, six special trains have been allowed to run today.  Further, trains can be run from one place to another at the request of the Ministry of Railways and the states, but generally the movement of trains will remain closed.

 Significantly, 1,993 positive cases have been reported in India in the last 24 hours, taking the total number of cases to 35,043, out of which 25,007 cases are active.  Around 600 people also recovered in 24 hours.  Despite the recovery rate exceeding 25 percent in the country, the number of patients with Korana virus is increasing continuously.  This is the reason that caution is being taken in the country.

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