Why Apple and Google ban the use of location tracking?

Keeping in mind the privacy, Apple and Google have decided to stop the location tracking apps being made with the corona virus.
New Delhi-  Apple and Google have been working together for a while on a contact tracing app to stop the spread of the Corona virus.  Meanwhile, both companies have taken a very wobbly approach.  According to the report, Apple and Google are now going to ban the use of location tracking.Companies believe that many tracking apps are being created these days to track the infection of Corona virus and the use of these can threaten the privacy of users.

 According to Reuters report, Apple and Google say that 99 percent of smartphones worldwide work on the operating systems of Apple and Google.  In such a situation, the two companies are working together on contact tracing technology and this technology will alert the Corona positive patient around your phone.

Apple and Google say that the API for the contact tracking app being developed to detect the effect of the corona virus, the application programming interface, will be the same in every country so that more such apps are not developed.Can pose a threat to the privacy of users.

The two companies are working together to build a Corona virus tracking system and the app will be available on Google Play Store and App Store.Companies say that this technology can be used through Bluetooth.The special thing is that in this the company will take full care of the privacy of the users.A report surfaced recently that the contact tracing project will be shut down as soon as the corona virus infection is over.  It will be closed according to the region.That is, the region where corona virus infection contact tracing will be completed, it will be closed.

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