Work from home threat increases, 80% of companies in cyber security are weak

80% of the companies in the country do not have adequate arrangements to thwart the growing cyber attack during the Corona epidemic.  Such methods of computer, internet and functioning of these companies are such that anytime an attacker can steal their data and cause great harm to them.  Only 20 percent of the companies' resources are capable of withstanding cyber attacks.  A report by FICCI and Ernst & Young, ie E&Y, states that 80% of the companies in the country have all the flaws in their server, network and internet connected infrastructure.

There is an open exemption for the use of pendrive in all companies, while password is also not used in WiFi. This poses danger. In the era of Corona epidemic, all the spam emails and links are sent, which can be hacked while clicking the entire system while working on the computer. Also, in many cases it has been seen that the hacker hacks the system and asks people for money.

Work from home is increasing danger
In the era of Corona crisis, increasing work from home culture is also increasing the risk of cyber attack. The help desk is resolved through the help desk from home. Many times the person using the system is not able to find a complete solution through the help desk and installs the software in the computer on his own. This increases the security risk. Once the virus has penetrated into the company's IT infrastructure through any computer, it has the power to arbitrarily take over the entire system.

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