Facebook Repairs Bug That Caused Glitch In IOS's FB SDK Users

Spotify and Pinterest faced outages on July 10, 2020, due to a bug. Even though the system bug lasted for a few hours, the applications mentioned above suffered under the outages. Several users complained on the help pages of the apps. For some users, applications like Viber and Waze was also crashing. The users took to Twitter to express the concern over the crash.

Facebook Repairs Bug That Caused Glitch In IOS's FB SDK Users

Facebook has now repaired the bug that led to the glitch
According to a representative of Facebook, the bugs have been fixed within wee hours. The situation lasted for a few hours and Facebook got it under control.

The representative revealed that the crash was triggered due to the code changes of IOS applications who prefer Facebook SDK, also known as the software development kit. The representatives apologised for the temporary inconvenience caused by the glitch.
The rising number of problems was detected by Downdetector. It generally finds what is wrong with any internet-related applications. This time, there were major glitches in Spotify, Pinterest, Viber, Waze, and The New York Times application as well. The problems first started arising around 10:30 am GMT that is 4 pm in the Indian Standard time on July 10. The problem was solved by 1 pm GMT or 6:30 pm in the Indian Standard time
Here is one person resorting to the Twitter platform to complain about the glitch
Facebook took complete responsibility to the problems faced by people
One user wrote, "Facebook Repairs Bug That Prompted Brief iOS App Outages Popular smartphone apps including Spotify and Pinterest suffered outages Friday for a few hours due to a bug in Facebook's systems." The services were back on its feet within a span of two hours. Read what the user wrote about the bug. Many users were concerned about the bug before the repair. One user wrote, "An apparent bug in Facebook's software caused some high profile iPhone apps, including Spotify, Tinder, Pinterest, and TikTok, to crash on Wednesday; the outages related to Facebook software that people can use to log into other apps through their Facebook accounts!!!" Here are the tweets-

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